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Quick Question for You:
What Needs to Get Fixed So That...
You could finally, once and for all Kick Ass?

After 4 or 5 decades on the planet AND building a business, you're done "practicing" and ready to just really get the thing over the have it all: money, security...a real life. You want to kick ass.

But I'll bet there's at least one thing that you know is keeping you from truly putting everything over the top: your income isn't what you know it could be, you're business is sorta tired, you've got ideas but no time to guess which is great, your team is not aligned with your vision...

Whatever it is, if you fixed it life would be good. Right?

But here's the deal: Kickin' ass is NOT a do-it-yourself project!

Admit it - Every single significant thing you have accomplished in life, that you're truly proud of, you did with the help of encouragement, accountability, and a hefty push...In other words: Coaching.

Leverage Coach Steve Dailey's partnership and commitment. He will be truly invested in your success. BTW - he knows a thing or two about what Epic Achievement looks like. Check out his Bio here.

Guarantee: you'll really get shit done.

Pick Your Focus

Here's What Kickin' Ass
(aka An Epic Business So You Can Have An Epic Life)

Can Look Like For You:

  • Fix (or Find) the Missing Piece in Business

    Achieving ultimate success in business is not about tricky tactics, clever gurus, or working harder.

    Building a career to its true potential is, however, about identifying and leveraging your most powerful strengths and competencies, then expressing them emphatically and brilliantly into the marketplace.

    Is there one thing that might be holding you back from doing that…that would create a waterfall of reward and success, if only addressed? It might be that your mindset is cluttered or negative. Maybe your customer attraction or retention is wobbly. Perhaps your team is not aligned, or your leadership chops have gone rusty. Or it could be you have an unexpressed (or under expressed) ambition. Whatever it is, once found or fixed, you’d fly.

    Well, as soon as we partner, we’ll zero in on it… and get to work. Game? Game on!

  • Prepare to Live to 100!

    Has your six pack turned into a keg? Have your hormones turned to saline solution? Does your driver’s license picture look too much like your parent?

    News Flash: You aren’t over the hill – it’s time to take the hill, my friend!

    But not only that, your physical health has everything to do with business success!

    C’mon – you know this: neglect or compromise taking care of your SELF, and all other ambitions will be hijacked by whatever ails you. And BTW – it’s not just about eating less carbs and going to the gym. Being healthy is also about fun, adventure, learning, social connection… stuff that people that live to 100 know all about.

    It’s time to reclaim your mojo and get on with your bad self!

  • Get (Re) Connected!

    A wise person once said: No man is an island unto himself.

    In spite of what you might unconsciously believe, you won’t truly navigate to great success in life by yourself. It takes family, friends, community…and you giving as much as you are receiving.

    How many Linked-In connections you have doesn’t mean a damn thing. What matters is who you can count on and who can count on you.

    Let’s create a project to do some truth-tellin’ and build a new strategy for re-connecting, and authentically building amazing relationships in every direction…from life partner to old high school buddy.

    Then let’s ask the sweaty-palms question: who do I need to connect with, that if I did, I could make a real difference with? It’s called “giving before asking”.

    It may be time to leave your island…and time to spread the love!

  • Take Out the Head Trash!

    If you think you are thinking in a way to really build an epic life…think again.

    After pouring yourself into building a business, you can get things mixed up…like living to work instead of working to live.

    Do that too long and, well, “all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy”…and unhappy.

    Could be you’ve gathered up a bunch of head trash that’s got you thinking more success = more work, more hours, more stress – and less life.

    But the good news is that there’s a practical, proven system for rebuilding your head “muscle” so that everything you do is consistent with everything you want…and you get it.

    Let’s purge the stinkin’ thinkin’… and replace it with the good stuff.

    The likely result: Success beyond your dreams.

  • Count for Something!

    Sometimes we can get to a point in life when we start asking, “is this all there is?” Well the answer to that question is: “Hell No!”

    What’s your purpose? What will be your legacy? Tough questions that maybe you read about in a book someplace.

    You’ve gathered up some pretty hefty chops through this life so far. And whatcha gonna do with all that wisdom and experience, my Friend, is your Purpose.

    But what you might be missing is the confidence and focus to pursue all that good stuff you’ve got inside achin’ to come out.

    I want to help you reboot your perception of just how big you can be…and then we’ll chart a path to success, significance, influence, and impact. Really big stuff.

    Like they say: Go big or go home!

  • Get (More) Shit Done!

    What’s your production capacity…really? And how close are you to operating on all cylinders?

    I heard a smart guy one time say, “I can tell where your life is headed by looking at your calendar.”

    If you’re like many, you know that you need to rebuild a few habits…and likely destroy some bad ones. You’ve got a list of unfulfilled promises, incomplete projects, latent aspirations…and maybe a bunch of old stuff to throw out that feels like a backpack full of rocks.

    It may be time to reprioritize and reconstruct how you get “you” done on a day-to-day basis. And when you do, the sky will open up with simplicity and opportunity.

    Start something new. Write a book, restart your business, start a new mission, be famous.

    Don’t just sit there – let’s do something amazing!

  • Invent Your Own Focus!

    Want to earn your first million dollars…or your next? How about launch a new idea, duplicate your business model through others, create an exit plan, write a book…or make a plan to live in Costa Rica.

    If you don’t see the Success Project of your dreams above…the thing that once tackled, improved, or summited would make your business or your life killer…just name it. Throw it out there, Dare me. ‘Cause there’s a good chance I can either help you get there… or at very least point you to someone that can.

    The name of the game here is winningwinning it all. There’s absolutely no point in you biding time. This is GO TIME!

    Let me know how I can help you make it great.

  • Have It ALL!

    I’ve worked with a number of ambitious high-flying souls that “can’t eat just one”. They want it all and believe it’s possible.

    Me too.

    The challenge with that outlook, though, is how to set priorities and keep all the parts moving for the big plan.

    Well, lucky for you, that’s where I’m particularly good. I’ve got a list of success stories longer than your arm and would love for you to be on the list too.

    As they say: “Call Me!”

Pick Your Program

Don't worry...
Both Options Are Life-Changing:

If you show up throughout our engagement as agreed, take action on what we agree, and complete the term you committed to…but do not feel you have received more value than what you paid for – I’ll give you all your money back.
Guaranteed Progress to Goal
Guaranteed Achievement of Goal
Choose Your Focus
100% Open Access to Coach
Comprehensive Assessment of Strengths, Skills, and Aspirations
Success Plan, Timeline, and Benchmarks
Kick in the Pants (as needed)
One 24-hour visit to your location for personal connection and focused coaching at any time during the 12 months

100-Day Intensive

$4,995 100 Consecutive Days

Concentration on One Specific Area of Achievement

100 Consecutive Days of 1:1 Support to create and launch an achievement plan for any goal or aspiration you have that pertains to any one aspect of business or life. Guaranteed Launch and Progress toward your Goal.
  • Guaranteed Progress to Goal
  • Guaranteed Achievement of Goal
  • Choose Your Focus
  • 100% Open Access to CoachNo limit to calls, texts, or emails. 100% connection, 100% of the time
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Strengths, Skills, and Aspirations
  • Success Plan, Timeline, and Benchmarks
  • Accountability
  • Advice
  • Kick in the Pants (as needed)
  • One 24-hour visit to your location for personal connection and focused coaching at any time during the 12 months

12-month Immersion

$12,995 12 Full Months

Concentration on Any or Many Goal Areas

12 Full Months of 1:1 Support to plan and achieve any goal or aspiration you choose, and pertaining to any area or combination of areas in business or life. Guaranteed Achievement of the Goals you set.
  • Guaranteed Progress to Goal
  • Guaranteed Achievement of Goal
  • Choose Your Focus
  • 100% Open Access to CoachNo limit to calls, texts, or emails. 100% connection, 100% of the time
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Strengths, Skills, and Aspirations
  • Success Plan, Timeline, and Benchmarks
  • Accountability
  • Advice
  • Kick in the Pants (as needed)
  • One 24-hour visit to your location for personal connection and focused coaching at any time during the 12 months

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Don't let fees get in the way
of a good thing!
You'll get a ROI WAAAY
past your Investment!

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What Real Coaching Looks Like...
  • Experience Matters

    Everyone seems to have “coach” on their business card theses days. It wasn’t always that way though. My first career out of college I coached national level athletes. Then, after successfully building my own business, I stumbled upon several opportunities to serve business people with my coaching skills. So it was compelling when I  was invited to participate in the first ever business coach certification program in the US. There were 6 participants, and what would become the leading edge of an industry. I can authentically say, “I’ve done this my whole professional life and I was there when it all started”.

  • Coaching Is About Action - Not Chit-Chat

    I learned on the pool deck that the kids were getting faster when they were swimming laps – not listening to me or their buddies talking about it. And I apply that principle still today. Though many coaches are taught to ask directionless questions like “so what do think?” or “what is the universe telling you?” To me that’s a waste of time. You should expect your Coach to provide answers, wisdom, guidance…not a pop quiz.

  • It's a Process - Not a Template & Not Ad Hoc

    Motive>Strategy>Plan>Action>Accountability. That’s the “secret” formula. Templates, one-size-fits-all programs, and seat-of-the-pants approaches may be good for a kick start. But principles of success will always trump tricks, tactics, and “how-to’s”. You can go to the book store to get that stuff. When there’s dynamic co-creation, follow-up, and support centered on proven principles…and a little butt-kickin’ along the way…you will grow, learn, and achieve.

  • Anytime Access to Your Coach Is the Only Way

    I’m emphatic about this. When you engage a Coach, they should be there when you need them – not just on “Tuesdays at 4p”. C’mon – success is a process and when you’re in action you’ll have questions, challenges, things to work through – right now, real time! And that’s when you need a Coach. You need a 100% partner, 100% of the time…because success is a 100% project.

  • It's About Results, Not Hours

    Your experience with a Coach is ideally shaped around a specific goal or ideal for which you have a deep, driving passion or need to achieve. And with a good Coach, you will feel like you are advancing through benchmarks, obstacles, and victories…all toward a conclusive “win”. Perpetual, charge-by-the-hour relationships with nonspecific agendas are good for the Coach’s pocketbook but keeps you stuck and costs you too much money.

  • You Should Do The Work

    You might know what you need, but you might not want to admit that you’re the one that needs to do it. A great Coach will help you not only face whatever it is that causes that resistance, but help you create a realistic plan to get it done. Along the way, you’ll build confidence and a new “achievement muscle”. If the Coach does it for you – you’re not learning anything.

  • You Should Be Better Equipped When It's Done

    Success and achievement skills are repeatable. When you have completed a project or goal, you should feel better equipped and more inspired to achieve even greater achievements – with or without your Coach. My goal is see my clients fly – not be their lifelong co-pilot.

  • You Should See New Opportunities

    Every mountain top reveals a yet higher summit that begs to be conquered…but that summit can only be seen from the vantage point of a previous achievement. In other words: success usually inspires more success. A good Coach provides – and points to – footholds for discovering how high you can truly climb.

  • Your Investment Should Have A Payoff

    Whatever your goal, there is always a payoff for achieving it. And the payoff for engaging a Coach – the ROI – should be far and away greater than your investment. It may come sooner or maybe later, and it may be in form of hard dollars or powerful new tools – but it should be imminent.

  • You Should Have a Guarantee

    Any professional – in any profession – should stand by their work. I have had a money back guarantee since day one. If a client isn’t satisfied – whatever the issue – it should be made right. Of course, you should do what you agree to create the results intended – but if the coaching doesn’t make a difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee