Let's Start With Some Facts

By the time you start nudging into your 40's, 50's, and 60's - you are also approaching (or are firmly established into) the second half of your life...and you've paid some serious dues. Most of us have:

  • Worked over 56,000 hours to support ourselves and many other important people in life
  • Climbed the corporate ladder or started a business or both - and still work over 40, 50 or more hours a week
  • Moved homes 6-8 times or more
  • Raised 2 or more children from one or more marriages
  • Seen your parents retire in a fashion you aren't interested in duplicating
  • Battled several illnesses or diseases caused predominantly by stress
  • Celebrated numerous wins in life - but not enough to feel wholly fulfilled
  • Become impatient with how your business has hijacked all the other important areas of life

You've paid some serious dues... but you aren't at the finish line.
So it may be time for a new plan.

So What's a "New Plan" Look Like?

This ain't your first rodeo - and you're smart. But let's face it: tolerating the current state is wasting your talent, time, investment... and life.

A New Plan requires hitting the reset button. It's called Reinvention.

Here's some examples of how savvy people are
Reinventing themselves:

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  • Become a “Boomer-preneur”
  • Start a second or part-time business
  • Write a book
  • Start speaking
  • Start consulting
  • Join a Board
  • Invest in another business
  • Find a partner
  • Quit what you’re doing – and do what you’ve always wanted!
  • Campaign for a promotion
  • Create a new image
  • Take on new responsibility
  • Find a new team
  • Find some new friends and networks
  • Sell your business
  • Dive into a worthwhile cause
  • Get back to the things you love
  • Reprioritize what you wake up for
  • Get healthy and fit (once and for all)
  • Get healthy and fit (for the first time)
  • Reconnect with your kids (or parents, or friends)
  • Start a volunteer project
  • Start giving back
  • Stop the bad habit
  • Start the good habit
  • Purge it
  • Sell it
  • Give it away
  • Reject the quota
  • Say no
  • Disagree
  • Run for office
  • Fire your boss
  • Start over
  • Rebrand yourself
  • Downsize to just you
  • Rebuild your existing business
  • Break into new markets
  • Reinvent your company brand, products or target market
  • Climb to the top in your current career
  • Hit a home run for your company
  • Make more money in a year than you ever have
  • Take a real vacation this year
  • Live in the neighborhood you really want to live in

The Reinvention Roadmap

I'm going to break it to you: Personal Reinvention is NOT a do-it-yourself project. Sure, you know a lot of stuff and you might be able to eventually figure it out by yourself - but will you really do that? Admit it - there's too much inertia. Gravity of how you've always done it offers a false sense of security. But if you invite an expert, collaborative partner into the conversation...someone truly invested in your success and that knows what the Reinvention Roadmap looks like...you can break the inertia, create an intelligent plan, and get to work. You need a Coach - someone that has also been around the block a few times - and a proven process for getting from where you are to where you deserve to be.

Here's how it works:

  • Step One: Clarity

    Before we can get true traction, you’ll need to be clear about 3 things:

    > What you want to achieve and what it’s worth to you (your expected ROI)
    > What you are willing – and unwilling – to do to get there
    > When you will start

    I will invest as much time as necessary to help you conclude these things.


  • Reconstruct Your "Life Achievement Plan"

    This might seem a strange starting place but let’s say it straight: Business should be placed inside of Life; Life shouldn’t be crammed into the crooks and crevices left over from a too-busy Business and Career life.

    But we aren’t trained that way in our hyper-competitive market.  Don’t worry, retraining starts here!

    Our first step in planning for new achievement is making sure that fitness, family, friends, fun, community…all the other important areas of life… have a vision – and then we’ll put business inside of all that.

    What if we don’t? Eventually one or more of those other areas will derail best intentions for business. In fact, maybe they already have.

  • Assess What Works...and What Doesn't

    With all parts of your life in focus and in synch, we’re ready to seriously talk reinvention…starting with a detailed assessment of where you’ve been, what tools you have, where you are bullet proof… and where you aren’t. We’ll look at stories, lessons, obstacles and opportunities.

    Then, with no stone unturned, we now have a foundation for a phenomenal new plan for next-chapter success.

  • Define Goals, a Master Plan, and Benchmarks

    Pretty simple here: Crystal Clear Goals, a Detailed Plan to Get There, and Benchmarks to Gauge Progress.

    We’ll build a Road Map and align on timelines. You may think you’ve done this before – but not like this – I promise!

  • Recruit Resources and Support

    None of us is smarter than all of us…so we’re going to carefully identify whose got what you don’t and bring ’em to the party.

    There may also be money, networks, new things to learn, or necessary tools. We’ll prioritize, prepare, make requests, and reel them all in – poised for your benefit.

  • Declare Rewards and Incentives

    Critical – and fun – the exercise of defining how you will reward yourself through the journey is essential but often overlooked.

    I know that attaining the goal itself may seem like reward enough – but it isn’t. (I’ll help you understand why.) We will identify guilty pleasures, gratifying spiffs, and rewards worthy of a champion.

  • Get Into Massive Action and Enlist Accountability

    Now we’re ready to rocket. It’s likely that by now you’ve already been inspired to at least start jogging up to speed  but now…we hit it, and hit it hard.

    Of course nothing happens unless your feet are moving. But now that we’ve declared targets and made the plan, you will be better prepared than ever to create massive action and focus…for the full length of our engagement.

    To support your consistency and effort, you and I will anticipate a rhythm of communication that assures focus, resource, and accountability. I’ll be at your shoulder every second and you have access to me at any movement.

    Most importantly, you will have open and unlimited/anytime access to me for a phone call, an email, a text message…a smoke signal.  We will be 100% partners, 100% of the time.

    (Of course, I have business inside of life – vs. life crammed inside of business – as well!  But you’ll always get response in reasonable time and in synch with what you need.)

  • Leverage Tools and Resources

    As we go through your journey to new success, I’ll encourage you to tap into the abundance of information, tools, and resources that you may not be aware of or haven’t used in the past.

    As well, I have a library of audio, written, and video materials that I will share – most are products I have sold over the years…but they will be free to you.

Results You Can Expect

  • You will advance significantly toward your Reinvention goal - or surpass it
  • You will get more done in less time than you thought you could
  • You will build skills, networks, and resources that will serve you in every endeavor forward
  • You will not only have a new engaging Plan for life ahead
  • You will learn and practice critical Mindset skills that will serve you in every area of life
  • You will dust off old aspirations and refresh new vision
  • You will celebrate success more than you ever have in life
  • You will feel like you have recovered more than your investment
  • You will look back on this experience as one of the most productive periods of your life

The Fees and Guarantees

No Fancy Pitches Here…
Receive World-Class Partnership
for Personal Reinvention
and Change Your Life!

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Satisfaction - Guaranteed

If you show up throughout our engagement as agreed, take action on what we agree, and complete the term you committed to…but do not feel you have received more value than what you paid for – I’ll give you all your money back.

Want to talk payment plans, guarantees, process, ROI…get to know me better first?
Just Contact Me – I’ll be happy to chat.

You may be interested to know:
During 30+ years as a Professional Coach

I've drawn several conclusions about coaching...

Learn What Real Coaching Looks Like...
  • Experience Matters

    Everyone seems to have “coach” on their business card theses days. It wasn’t always that way though. My first career out of college I coached national level athletes. Then, after successfully building my own business, I stumbled upon several opportunities to serve business people with my coaching skills. So it was compelling when I  was invited to participate in the first ever business coach certification program in the US. There were 6 participants, and what would become the leading edge of an industry. I can authentically say, “I’ve done this my whole professional life and I was there when it all started”.

  • Coaching Is About Action - Not Chit-Chat

    I learned on the pool deck that the kids were getting faster when they were swimming laps – not listening to me or their buddies talking about it. And I apply that principle still today. Though many coaches are taught to ask directionless questions like “so what do think?” or “what is the universe telling you?” To me that’s a waste of time. You should expect your Coach to provide answers, wisdom, guidance…not a pop quiz.

  • It's a Process - Not a Template & Not Ad Hoc

    Motive>Strategy>Plan>Action>Accountability. That’s the “secret” formula. Templates, one-size-fits-all programs, and seat-of-the-pants approaches may be good for a kick start. But principles of success will always trump tricks, tactics, and “how-to’s”. You can go to the book store to get that stuff. When there’s dynamic co-creation, follow-up, and support centered on proven principles…and a little butt-kickin’ along the way…you will grow, learn, and achieve.

  • Anytime Access to Your Coach Is the Only Way

    I’m emphatic about this. When you engage a Coach, they should be there when you need them – not just on “Tuesdays at 4p”. C’mon – success is a process and when you’re in action you’ll have questions, challenges, things to work through – right now, real time! And that’s when you need a Coach. You need a 100% partner, 100% of the time…because success is a 100% project.

  • It's About Results, Not Hours

    Your experience with a Coach is ideally shaped around a specific goal or ideal for which you have a deep, driving passion or need to achieve. And with a good Coach, you will feel like you are advancing through benchmarks, obstacles, and victories…all toward a conclusive “win”. Perpetual, charge-by-the-hour relationships with nonspecific agendas are good for the Coach’s pocketbook but keeps you stuck and costs you too much money.

  • You Should Do The Work

    You might know what you need, but you might not want to admit that you’re the one that needs to do it. A great Coach will help you not only face whatever it is that causes that resistance, but help you create a realistic plan to get it done. Along the way, you’ll build confidence and a new “achievement muscle”. If the Coach does it for you – you’re not learning anything.

  • You Should Be Better Equipped When It's Done

    Success and achievement skills are repeatable. When you have completed a project or goal, you should feel better equipped and more inspired to achieve even greater achievements – with or without your Coach. My goal is see my clients fly – not be their lifelong co-pilot.

  • You Should See New Opportunities

    Every mountain top reveals a yet higher summit that begs to be conquered…but that summit can only be seen from the vantage point of a previous achievement. In other words: success usually inspires more success. A good Coach provides – and points to – footholds for discovering how high you can truly climb.

  • Your Investment Should Have A Payoff

    Whatever your goal, there is always a payoff for achieving it. And the payoff for engaging a Coach – the ROI – should be far and away greater than your investment. It may come sooner or maybe later, and it may be in form of hard dollars or powerful new tools – but it should be imminent.

  • You Should Have a Guarantee

    Any professional – in any profession – should stand by their work. I have had a money back guarantee since day one. If a client isn’t satisfied – whatever the issue – it should be made right. Of course, you should do what you agree to create the results intended – but if the coaching doesn’t make a difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

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