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Life's winding trail brought you to here...now what?
It may be time to Reinvent Yourself!


Plan for a Bold, New Chapter...

You've most certainly celebrated many achievements in life...

But what have you done lately?

Explore your deepest desire, pursue a burning aspiration, or summit a mountain top achievement! Redefine who you are...the difference you are making...declare a life well-lived!

It's time for something new, better, different. Don't wait.

Craft your Achievement Project now - an exciting plan for your next, bold chapter!

Create An Epic
Personal Transformation...

Let's face it - by the time you've navigated the fits, falls and mountaintops of 40 or 50 years on the planet, you've probably spent over 56,000 hours working to make money, you're raising or raised a family (or two), you've moved homes 6 or 8 times, and you've watched the picture on your driver's license morph to someone that looks like your Mom or Dad...

So life's amazing, right? Financial security, health and fitness, relationships with friends and family, using your gifts to make a difference in the world...it's all clicking along well...right?


Well it may be time for a new road map and an expert trail guide...

The Ultimate
Reinvention Retreat... 
In Paradise

When we take time to reboot and prepare, immerse and ignite, stretch and challenges ourselves... amazing things can happen.

There is no better place to unhook and hit the reset button than in Paradise.  And at Base Camp Hawaii, we have created the environment and the process for personal reinvention in any - or all - areas of your life.

Set a new course...Define a new destiny.

About Steve Dailey

It's a pleasure to meet you!

For starters, I wouldn't be surprised if you asked, "What’s up with the 'Kumu thing?"

Well, it’s pronounced "koo’-moo" and it is the Hawaiian word for teacher/mentor/trusted advisor.  In ancient Hawaii, all Kahuna’s (tribal leaders) had a Kumu to help them make important decisions. When I moved to Hawaii and started explaining what I did for a living to locals – several native Hawaiians said, “Ahh – so you're a Kumu!”

So it stuck.

But there's a lot more to the story that got me to hereClick Here to learn more about YOUR Kumu...

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